In a spirit free from economical calculations and political power games find the inspiration, the vision and the strength to meet life in a creative sustaining way
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Beats4Change encourage cultural activities to raise awareness and funding for sustainable development of caring communities

Cultural and economical activities, based on principles of mutual aid,which lead to:
 - a world economy with ecological and social responsibility
 - a free and manifold world culture
 - the creation of a common future, based on work, knowledge and love


   As we recognize that the human being in physical existence is part of and depending on nature, and 
 as we recognize the equal right of each human being to live a dignified life, 
 we declare our will to work for a world economy with ecological and social responsibility. 


   We recognize  human economic activities as depending on the greater ecological sphere. 
   We declare the need for understanding of these activities as a part system of the ecological sphere, which urges us to work for making these activities into a functioning system within the ecological sphere. 
  So far the economic systems have not regarded this relationship, other than counting on the natural resources. It is time to be economic in the relationship with the ecological sphere in a sustainable way. 


  a) To develop ecological controlled agriculture: 

 The production of food is fundamental. Agriculture should be a harmonious way of enjoying the fruits of nature, not a battle for survival, as the one "agribusiness" fights with pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers. Agriculture should work with nature, not against it. 
 We therefore will encourage the implementation of agricultural practices, according to the rules of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements or Demeter, and support the development of proper control instruments of ecological/organic products. 

  b) To develop use of renewable and sustainable energy sources: 

  The use of energy should be in balance with the amount of energy input in the ecological sphere, which means the inflow of sun energy. Today we live on a saved energy "capital" in the form of fossil fuels (coal and mineral oil), which originally was sun energy, too, stored in the ecological sphere billion of years ago. 
   We therefore will encourage 
 1) The development of renewable and sustainable energy production, which means: 
   i) Biomasses - Energy through plants intake of sun energy in photosynthesis. Out take through firewood, methane gas production and alcohol. 
      ii)  Water- and Wind power  -  Energy through climatic effects of sun energy. Out take through power plants. 
     iii)  Sun energy - Energy directly from the source. Out take through sun heating and photo voltaic cells. 
2) The development of energy saving measures, such as less energy demanding technologies and more energy efficient technologies. 

  c) To develop ecologically sustainable use of resources and reduction of waste: 

  Most resources are terminate, which means that the present level of use can not be sustained. Production must be based on a recycling use of resources, leading to a reduction of the amount of waste, which today exceeds the  absorption capacity of the ecological sphere. 
  We therefore will encourage 
1) The development of recyclable products and the necessary infrastructure for recycling. 
2) The minimal use of packaging 

  d) To develop environmentally sane transportation systems: 

   We see the development of communications as a positive step for humanity, especially when it comes to the exchange of thought. However the biggest stress on the ecological sphere is imposed by transportation. 
  We therefore will encourage 
1) The development of decentralized production units, bringing producers closer to consumers, when appropriate 
2)  The development of energy saving, less polluting transportation technologies. 


   As we recognize the interdependence between humanity and the ecological sphere, we conclude that necessary action must be taken immediately to secure a common future for us all. 

SIGN the PETITION: Ecological Responsibility in Economy


     We recognize the equal right of human beings to a dignified life. 
     We declare that no man nor nation nor race have a greater right than others to enjoy the fruits of their work, as the ecological sphere is our common condition of life. This urges us to work for building economic systems which secure the right of each individual to a dignified life, which includes freedom from starvation, malnutrition, war and tyranny,  also the freedom of speech, thought and participation in the decision making process. 
  So far the economic systems have not regarded these rights. Humanity have been victimized by their own economical activities.  A few get enormous outputs, the most live in misery. It is obvious that, the ecological sphere can't support the standard of living which today are upheld by the industrialized countries. It is also obvious that, the present distribution of wealth can not be upheld without causing serious social unrest, which in the long run will hit back on the privileged groups. 
  It is time to see the resources as our common ownership, and create systems of distribution, which give each individual enough for a dignified life. 


    a) Primarily the development of economic structures 
         i) without private ownership to the means of production, and 
        ii) with worker management. 

    The development of advanced economic structures have had the result, that it is no longer the producers who really own the means of production. 
    We therefore will encourage the idea of regarding the means of production as common ownership, which shall be managed by those, who will do it for the best of humanity. As all producers also are consumers, we believe that the producers (= the workers) can manage production for the best of the consumers. 

        As we realize that it will take a long time to realize this, we set as: 

    b) Part goals 
         i) better working conditions for salary workers and 
        ii) increased influence for them over the means of production, as well locally as globally 

     c) Also to work for global justice by 
        i) supporting trade on non-exploitive conditions with the poorest communities. 
       ii) supporting the development of economic structures in these communities with ecological and social responsibility 
      iii) supporting the development of non-exploitative financial  systems for these communities. 
      iv) to support projects which promotes development of infrastructures with ecological responsibility in these communities. 
       v)  to support movements promoting social responsibility in these communities.

 A project I'll ask all to contribute to -- please send me your opinions, ideas, visions. They are needed for the development of our common future