In a spirit free from economical calculations and political power games,
find the inspiration, the vision and the strength to meet life in a creative sustaining way
Artists donated songs to support Save the Childrens Fund
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Artists donate songs to support Solar Electric Light Fund
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Beats4Change encourage cultural activities to raise awareness and funding for sustainable development of caring communities

Cultural and economical activities, based on principles of mutual aid,which lead to:
 - a world economy with ecological and social responsibility
 - a free and manifold world culture
 - the creation of a common future, based on work, knowledge and love


The present age of industrialisation and the world order it has created, is closely connected to the energysources that has been fueling the dynamics - a new time thus also is connected to new energy sources - the oilreserves are dwindling, the era of fossile fuels coming to an end. We will not wait for the big oilcompanies to make the change - and stay in control.
 We are very interested in development of renewable energyproduction and usage. Our vision is to help starting projects in this particular area - and in that process promote sustainable development and establish caring communities, where it becomes part of the culture, the way we act and interact, that when a project is running well and start making a earning, it in it's turn helps financing partly cultural and social activities in the local community, partly the upstart of new projects in other communities.

 We would like to support projects that can catalyse local economic growth & sustainable development by working in partnership with rural populations and local entrepreneurs. We therefore ask for opinions on this subject and proposals for possible participation in such projects. We expect to work with a high level of networking - bring people and organizations together in sharing the vision, foster cooperation and coordination of their activities.