Trades Union Congress e-mail 7.0m ICFTU
General Federation of Trade Unions e-mail   TUC
Scottish Trade Union Congress e-mail    
Wales Trade Unions Council e-mail   TUC



Anarchist Federation
Organise! e-mail anar. com. IAF
f. 1986 as Anarchist Communist Federation
Industrial Workers of the World IWW Bread & Roses e-mail anar. syn. IWW

Solidarity Federation SF Direct Action e-mail anar. syn. AIT
f. 1994
Communist Workers Organisation CWO Revolutionary Perspectives, Workers' Voice e-mail left. com. IBRP
f. 1975
International Communist Party [Communist Left] ICP Communist Left
left. com PCI-IPaC

Green Party of England and Wales

e-mail green EFGP 0.6%/0 f. 1985
Green Socialist Network GSN GSN Newsletter, Green Socialist   left. green

Labour Party

e-mail soc. dem. SI, PES 40.7%/413 f. 1900
Co-operative Party
New Mutualism
soc. dem.
on Labour lists f. 1917
New Democratic Party NDP
e-mail center left.

f. 2001
Class War Federation CWF Class War e-mail rad. left.

first group in 1980
Communist Party of Britain CPB Morning Star, Communist Review e-mail com.
0.004% f. 1988 as split from CPGB
Corresponding Committee
The Hobgoblin e-mail rad. left. MH


Fightback e-mail rad. left.
no part. split from RCG in 2001
Marxist Group
The Marxist e-mail rad. left., ex-mao.

formerly the Marxist Industrial Group
New Politics Network

e-mail left. soc. ex-WMR, NELF
rest of Democratic Left, the former CPGB
Red Action
Red Action e-mail rad. left.

f. 1982 as split from SWP
Revolutionary Communist Group RCG Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! e-mail rad. left. ex-tro.

f. 1974 as split from International Socialists
Respect - The Unity Coalition     e-mail broad left.     f. 2004 by Socialist Alliance and Independents
Socialist Alliance SA
  rad. left.
0.2% f. 1996 by SWP, ISG, majority works in RESPECT
Democracy Plattform     e-mail rad. left.     f. 2003 by AWL, RDG, ISL and WIRFI
Alliance for Workers' Liberty AWL Workers' Liberty e-mail tro.   in SA f. 1981 as Socialist Organiser
Communist Party of Great Britain CPGB Weekly Worker e-mail rad. left.
in SA f. 1991 as split from original CPGB
Independent Labour Network ILN

left. soc.
in SA f. 1998 by former Labour Party members
International Socialist Group ISG Socialist Outlook, Socialist Resistance e-mail tro. USFI in SA f. 1985 as split from Socialist League
International Socialist League ISL Socialist Voice e-mail tro. LIT in SA f. 1988 as split from WRP
Socialist Democracy Group SDG Socialist Democracy
in SA f. 1997 as split from SP
Socialist Solidarity Network SSN RedShift, Socialist Resistance   rad. left.
in SA mostly former SP members
Socialist Party SP The Socialist, Socialism Today e-mail tro. CWI in SA f. 1997 by Militant Labour (ex-Militant Tendency)
Socialist Workers' Party SWP Socialist Worker, Socialist Review, International Socialism Journal e-mail tro. IS in SA f. 1977 by International Socialists
Workers Power
Workers Power e-mail tro. LRCI in SA f. 1976
Socialist Party SPGB Socialist Standard e-mail rad. left. WSM
f. 1904
Socialist Party of Great Britain SPGB Socialist Studies e-mail rad. left.

f. 1991 as split from SP
British Supporters of the International Trotskyist Opposition   In Defense of Marxism e-mail tro. MRFI, ITO no part. split from ISG
Communist League CL   e-mail tro. SWP 0.0003%
f. 1988
Marxist Bulletin   Marxist Bulletin e-mail tro. IBT no part. split from Spartacist League in 1995 as Bolshevik Tendency
Marxist Party   Marxist e-mail tro. ICFI3 0.0008%
f. 1987 as split from WRP of Sheila Torrance
Movement for a Socialist Future MSF Socialist Future e-mail ex-tro. FIC no part. split as Communist League from Marxist Party in 1991
Movement for Socialism MFS Reclaim the Future e-mail tro. ex-WIRFI, ISF no part. f. 1996 by WRP
Socialist Appeal   Socialist Appeal, In Defense of Marxism e-mail tro. CMI no part. f. 1992 as split from Militant Tendency
Socialist Equality Party SEP   e-mail tro. ICFI no part. f. as International Communist Party in 1986 as split from WRP of Cliff Slaughter
Workers Action   Workers Action
tro.   no part. f. 1997 as split from Workers International League (WIL)
Workers' Revolutionary Party WRP News Line, Marxist Review e-mail tro. ICFI2 0.002%
f. 1986 after split from original WRP

Scottish Federation of Anarchists
SFA Scottish Anarchist

Scottish Green Party PÓrtaidh Uaine na h-Alba
GreenPrint e-mail green EFGP see Green Party of England and Wales seperated from Green Party of England and Wales in 1992
Scottish Socialist Party
SSP Scottish Socialist Voice e-mail rad. left.
0.3% f. 1996
International Socialist Movement   ISM Frontline e-mail tro. ex-CWI   f. 1999, formerly Scottish Militant Labour
Socialist Worker Platform           tro. IS   f. 2001 by former members of Scottish SWP
Scottish Separatist Group Comunn Dealachadh na h-Alba SSG
  left. nat.

legal wing of SLNA, f. 1995

Red Wales, the Welsh Socialists Cymru Goch   Y Faner Goch e-mail left. nat.   in SA f. 1987
Welsh Socialist Alliance Cynghrair Sosialaidd Cymru     e-mail rad. left.   in SA f. 2001
source: Leftist Parties of the World