Canadian Labour Congress
Centrale des Syndicats du Quebec
Confederation des Syndicats Nationaux

Autonomy and Solidarity       e-mail anar./rad. left.     f. 2004, network of local groups
Emile-Henry Anarchist Group Groupe Anarchiste Émile-Henry   L'Agitprop e-mail anar. NEFAC   f. 1998
Industrial Workers of the World Industrial Workers of the World IWW Solidarity Bulletin e-mail syn. IWW   f. 1905
Northeastern Federation of Anarchist Communists Northeastern Federation of Anarchist Communists / Fédération des Communistes Libertaires du Nord-Est NEFAC The Northeastern Anarchist, Ruptures, Barricada   anar. com.
f. 2000
also USA
Internationalist Workers Group Internationalist Workers Group / Groupe Internationaliste Ouvrier
Internationalist Notes / Notes Internationalistes e-mail left. com. IBRP
f. 2000
Green Party of Canada Green Party of Canada / Parti Vert du Canada

e-mail green FGPA 4.3% f. 1983
New Democratic Party New Democratic Party / Nouveau Parti Démocratique NDP/NPD
e-mail soc. dem. SI 15.7% f. 1961
NDP Socialist Caucus NDP Socialist Caucus       left. soc.   current in NDP  
New Politics Initiative New Politics Initiative NPI   e-mail left. soc.   current in NDP f. 2001
Communist Party of Canada Communist Party of Canada / Parti Communiste du Canada CPC/PCC People's Voice, The Spark e-mail com. ex-WMR, ex-CI 0.068% f. 1921
Committee of Canadian Communists Committee of Canadian Communists
Focus On Socialism e-mail com.
no part. f. 1979 as split from CPC
New Socialist Group New Socialist Group NSG New Socialist e-mail rad. left. ex-IS no part. f. 1995 as split from IS
Socialist Party of Canada Socialist Party of Canada / Parti Socialiste du Canada SPC/PSC Socialist Fulcrum e-mail marxist WSM   f. 1931
Socialist Project       e-mail left. soc.   no part. f. 2000, based in Toronto
Communist League Ligue Communiste / Communist League     e-mail tro. SWP 0.0031% f. 1977 as Revolutionary Workers' League
International Socialists International Socialists IS Socialist Worker e-mail tro. IS no part. f. 1975
Socialist Action Socialist Action   Socialist Action e-mail tro. USFI no part. f. 1994 as split from SC/GS
Socialist Alternative [CWI] Socialist Alternative [CWI] / Alternative Socialiste   Justice e-mail tro. CWI no part. f. 1986 as Labour Militant
Socialist Alternative Socialist Alternative   The Socialist e-mail tro. ex-CWI no part. f. 2002 as split from CWI
Socialist Equality Party Socialist Equality Party / Parti de l'Égalité Socialiste SEP/PES   e-mail tro. ICFI no part. f. 1992, present name since 1997
The Humanity L'Humanité   L'Humanité e-mail tro. CMI no part.  
Trotskyist League Trotskyist League / Ligue Trotskyste   Spartacist Canada e-mail tro. ICL no part. f. 1975
Regional '03
Revolutionary Front of Quebec Front Révolutionnaire du Québec FRQ La Riposte   rad. left. nat.   no part.  
Union of Progressive Forces Union des Forces Progressistes UFP   e-mail     1.06% alliance f. 2001 by PCQ, PDS, RAP
Communist Party of Quebec Parti Communiste du Québec PCQ La Voix du Peuple e-mail com.     f. 1965, section of CPC
Socialist Left Gauche Socialiste   La Gauche   tro. USFI   f. 1983, current in DS
source: Leftist Parties of the World