"ARDZAGANK" Organization Charity Center e-mail Sustainable development, to create working sites for vulnerable layers
Association for Human Sustainable Development e-mail Help introduce and advance the concept of sustainable development in Armenia
Ecological and Cultural organization KHAZER e-mail Preservation of the Armenian Cultural inheritance, increasing the awareness of ecologically relevant issues. Assistance to UNEP ideas expansion in Armenia
Ecological survival e-mail The mission of the Organization is biodiversity conservation in Armenia and Transcaucasus region, improvement of water resources quality to meet the interests of wider population by means of scientific research, expertise, public advocacy and publishing activities
Ecologists-economists youth union e-mail YUEE is a non governmental, non profit, non political organization, which mission is to support the environmental improvement, biodiversity conservation in Armenia and Transcaucasus region, to promote ecological education and public participation in the state environmental policy making
ECOTEAM e-mail Design complex projects based on renewable sources of energy and energy saving technologies
Environmental Organizations Union of Armenia e-mail Armenian environmental organizations collaboration and coordination
Environmental Public Advocacy Center e-mail Increase public participation in environmental decision -making in Armenia by representing and advocating the interests of individuals and citizen groups
Nature Rights Protection e-mail Joining the efforts of professionals for the promoting nature's rights to continuance, protection of natural ecosystems, and species of plants and animals
Union of Armenian Ecologists e-mail Help to improve Armenia's ecological state through consultancy, dissemination of information and publishing activities
Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia e-mail



  Parl.'99 Parl.'03  
Autonomous Action - "Breakthrough" Group Avtonomnoe Deistvie - Gruppa "Proryv"     e-mail anar. close to Russia AD     f. 2002
Social-Ecological Party of Armenia Hayastani Sotsial-Ekologiakan Kusaktsutiun     e-mail          
Armenian Revolutionary Federation Hay Heghapokhagan Dashnaktsutyun HHD Yerkir e-mail soc. dem. SI cons., EESDF obs. 7.96% 11.50%/11
f. 1890
Justice Artarutyun           not existing 13.68%/14 alliance f. 1999
Democratic Party of Armenia Hayastani Demokratakan Kusaktsutyun HDK Hayastan e-mail left. soc.
1.00% justice
f. 1991, right wing of original HKK, member of Justice
and Civic Union
  GAKM           justice member of Justice
Social Democrat Hunchakian Party Sotsial Demokratakan Hnchakian Kusaktutyun SDHK Hunchak Hayasdani e-mail soc. dem.     justice f. 1887, member of Justice
Union of
Socialist Forces
Sotsialistakan Uzheri Miutyun           0.24% justice f. 1997, alliance
member of Justice
Armenian Congress Public Kaissa   Apaga tel.: +374-2-585105       justice f. 1995, in Union of Socialist Forces
Social Democratic
Party of Armenia
Hayastani Sotsial Demokratakan Kusaktsutyun HSDK Sotsial Demokrat tel.: +374-2-570554 soc. dem.

f. 1996, member of Union of Socialist Forces
Union of Intellectuals Mtavorakanneri Miutsyun             justice member of Union of Socialist Forces
Communist Party of Armenia Hayastani Komunistakan Kusaktsutyun HKK Hayastani Komunist, Pravda Armenii
com. SKP-KPSS[GZ] 12.30% 2.07% f. 1920
Union of Producers and Women Artunaperogneri yev Kanants Miytyun AKM     left. soc   2.54% 2.06% alliance, former Union of Communist and Socialist Parties
Progressive United Communist Party Hayastani Arajadimakan Miatsial Komunistakan Kusaktsutyun HAMKK Kaitser

split of HKK in 1998, in Union of Producers ...
Women of the
Armenian Land
Anayk Hayots Ashkhari             AKM member of Union of Producers ...
United Communist Party of Armenia Hayastani Miatsial Komunistakan Kusaktsutyun HMKK


not existing f. 2003 by merger of 6 parties
Workers Communist Party of Armenia Hayastani Ashkhatavorutian Komunistakan Kusaktsutiun     tel.: +374-1-251017     not existing    
Greens Union of Armenia Hayastani Ganatchneri Miutyun

e-mail green, right.

source: Leftist Parties of the World