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In a spirit free from economical calculations and political power games
find the inspiration, the vision and the strength to meet life in a creative sustaining way
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Beats4Change encourage cultural activities to raise awareness and funding for sustainable development of caring communities
Cultural and economical activities, based on principles of mutual aid,which lead to:
 - a world economy with ecological and social responsibility
 - a free and manifold world culture
 - the creation of a common future, based on work, knowledge and love

To See To See To See
The You as You are
To See To See To See
You in You

To Be To Be To Be
The I as I am
To Be To Be To Be
You and I

To See To See To See
Who You really are
not who You are for me

To Be To Be To Be
Who I really am
not who I am for You

To Meet To Meet To Meet
You as You
I as I
To Be To Be To Be
Who We really are

The laughter is your well
A bubbling
Releasing timeless

Happily I am
Wanting nothing
But what is
A moment of joy

A joy to carry
As light in darkness